Where we Ship

Hello and thank you for your interest in potentially working with us to provide you with our local quality certified organic potatoes! Whether you are looking to place a truckload, multiple pallets, or single pallet order for a single delivery or on a consistent schedule, we are willing to help make it work to get you what you need. We currently ship pallets consistently one day a week to the Twin Cities region with smaller orders being delivered to Fargo every Friday. Orders delivered to eastern North Dakota and Western MN cities could also be accommodated–if feasible.


Hugh’s Gardens LLC offers our potatoes in 3lb and 5lb consumer packs in 16×3 and 10×5 paper baler bags. We also offer 20lb and 50lb bulk cartons for A, B, and C sizes. Each baler and carton contain the proper labeling requirements as well as information on how to properly store our product. A lot number is placed on each carton and individual consumer pack allowing us to trace the product from the store back to the field it was grown in.

Graded Potatoes

Employees of Hugh’s Gardens grade the potatoes, allowing us to offer #1 and #2 grades. A #1 quality potato comes with minimal skinning, cuts, and bruises while a #2 grade potato is best overall in value as it comes at a much lower price due only to aesthetic issues. This #2 grade is perfect for school kitchens, processing facilities, and the general consumer looking to save on food costs. Potatoes that don’t make a #2 grade are either donated to the local food shelves or sent to a local cattle farmer for feed.

For more information about our business practices—including a copy of our food safety plan or other certifications—please reach out to us via the information in the Contact Us page. Thank you!