About the Owner

Hello and thank you for your interest and/or support of Hugh’s Gardens LLC. My name is Bjorn and I have a deep passion for what I do with this business because of a few different life experiences:

I grew up on a small farm south of Fargo, ND. I watched my father continue the work of our ancestors by working the land for conventional wheat and soybean crops, but noticed that the system seemed to not be working for him due to our “smaller size” acreage. He ultimately retired from farming and we currently rent out our family farmland to neighbors.

I was also able to travel outside of the United States to the Dominican Republic after high school where I was really able to experience the realities of life that people live in. I have the full understanding that many people even within our own country and communities hold the same experience of having minimal access to healthy food—and a heathy diet is necessary for the ability to function and have success in this life.

Lastly, during a Sociology class in college, my interest was piqued and my passion for life was established when I learned how many of our modern-day systems function. It was then that I grasped how systems can be functioning but yet failing people at the same time. After spending a few years working while looking for opportunities, I am proud to now have the opportunity to support local small farmers and create ways of increasing access to healthy food.

With this information, I hope you can fully understand how much your support for me and my business means to me. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about the business and our produce. And again, thank you for your support!