Hugh's Gardens LLC

Hugh’s Gardens LLC is a certified organic produce marketing business with storage, washing, and packing facility located in Halstad, MN.

Originally built in the 1940s for storage and shipping of conventional potatoes, the storage facility includes nine underground bins with excellent ventilation and humidity control, designed to keep potatoes in near-perfect condition throughout the winter and late into spring without the use of chemical sprout inhibitors.

The facilities were purchased by Hugh Dufner and his wife Carmen Soria-Dufner in the summer of 2000, where they converted the facilities to become certified organic.

Bjorn Solberg purchased the business from the Dufners in the spring of 2019 and hopes to expand the business by providing other storage crops. Solberg has passions for supporting small organic farmers while also increasing accessibility of healthy food throughout the region.

USDA NOP Certified
USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified
Locally owned and operated

Our Mission

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Working with multiple producers

Hugh’s Gardens LLC currently works with two local organic producers from the Red River Valley to market their produce to customers such as wholesale distributers in Minneapolis/St. Paul as well as to restaurants and supermarkets and direct to consumers through Red River Harvest Cooperative. Produce which does not comply with the quality standards of the business are donated to the Great Plains Food Bank of Fargo (or some other food bank), which then distributes to food shelves across the region.